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NELI – North European Logistics Institute

NELI is a logistics R&D organisation. Besides R&D, we also actively influence on the renewal of maritime and logistics education and form an important link between logistics companies and education.

Organizationally we are part of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences’ R&D department.

Functionally we are part of the national and international logistics, research, development and innovation network.

Regional strategies establish a framework for our activities.


We enhance the competitiveness of the Finnish logistics sector. We enable growth and seek new business potential.

Vision 2017

NELI is a well-known and recognized logistics competence center both in Finland and abroad.

As a result of NELI’s activities, Kymenlaakso is a county of logistics know-how and innovation. The region has reached its strategic objectives related to logistics.

Presentation material

You can find more information about our RDI activities in this presentation.

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